Jamie's Story

The Crown Control story began with Jamie Singer’s passion for antiques, and the stories they tell. Over the years, Jamie collected the treasures she found – wearing and changing up pieces by adding a pendant, or asking an artist to add a personal touch. Her collection of vintage finds started growing, and she was often asked which designer made her pieces. 

Jamie harnessed her luxury industry background and creative mindset to escalate her passion into a business. The modern vintage line of custom-made jewelry was born with these timeless pieces hand-selected from all over the world. No two pieces are the same, and every item tells a story with its contrast of an old find with a modern twist.

Like any true antique lover, Jamie loves the hunt of finding the pieces by looking high and low during travels, searching for charms, pendants, medallions, coins, estate jewelry and more to come alive again with a new legacy to carry forward. Her wanderlust is strong, as she recently spent a summer at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, soaking up art and the current state of the market.  

Jamie, born and raised in Dallas, holds a degree from Southern Methodist University in Business as well as a Masters of Liberal Arts in Art History. As a member of several professional charitable affiliations including Children's Medical Center, Dallas Museum of Art, Junior League of Dallas, Cattle Baron's Ball, Family Place and Ronald McDonald House, Jamie is active in a variety of community events and causes. While seasoned in both education and experience, Jamie can often be found during her free time in a museum, meeting with antique dealers, or with a history book in-hand.

What's in the name?

Crown Control originated from the initials CC, the letters of Jamie’s parents’ first names, who serve as inspiration by their example of love and the importance of family. Jamie also has a flair for crowns, and has been collecting them for years. Just like her jewelry, they represent heritage and history.